«Tomsk Beer» OJSC

«Tomsk Beer» OJSC
The history of the Tomsk brewery has been around for almost a century and a half. Back in 1877, the brewer Carl Krueger from Prussia opened the first beer production here, and in 1884 a new full-bodied brewery appeared, the location of which has not changed to this day. The name of «Tomsk Beer» OJSC was given to the factory only in 1994 after privatization. Today, Tomsk brewery produces more than 60 products, all production processes are fully automated. Thanks to the best equipment from the world's leading manufacturers, exclusive natural raw materials and the efforts of professional brewers, who are in love with their work, Tomsk beer boasts of consistently high quality and excellent taste. In the collection of «Tomsk Beer» OJSC there are already more than 200 different awards, and the products are well known to consumers not only throughout Russia, but even in Kazakhstan and China.

Address: 46 Moscovskiy Trakt
Web-site: http://tomskbeer.ru