Interesting places

Base stone of Tomsk
The old center of Tomsk must be visited because the four hundred-year history of the city began here.The symbol of the old Tomsk is a monument stone, which was erected in honor of the founding of the city. And Tomsk is one of those few cities that perfectly knows the place where it was founded.
Museum of Slavic Mythology
There are a lot of things to see and to get surprised of in Tomsk! One of such wonders is the World's First Museum of Slavic Mythology! In order to tell about this museum, there are few lines, you can write an entire article ... 
«Tomsk Beer» OJSC
The history of the Tomsk brewery has been around for almost a century and a half. Back in 1877, the brewer Carl Krueger from Prussia opened the first beer production here, and in 1884 a new full-bodied brewery appeared, the location of which has not changed to this day.
Botanical garden
Siberian botanical garden - the first and for a long time the largest botanical garden beyond the Urals. Subdivision of TSU. 
Theatre of living dolls «2 + Q»
Theatre of living dolls «2 + Q» was created by Vladimir Zakharov and is a unique phenomenon in Tomsk. Author creates himself the living dolls, moving scenery and equipment to create special effects, sound control, lights and colors. 
Memorial museum «Investigative prison NKVD»
Memorial museum «Investigative prison NKVD» (Tomsk) began its existence on June 13, 1989. It is one of the structural subdivisions of the Tomsk Regional Museum of Local History named after Mikhail Bonifatievich Shatilov.
The bronze monument to the frog-traveler, the height of which is only 44 millimeters.
There are two bronze slippers which are on a pedestal. Their length is 32 cm this is why they would fit any visitor.
We offer our good monuments and sculptures! Near Hotel "Tomsk" you can make funny photos.